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Tai Chi Chuan (Supreme Ultimate Fist) is a low impact, Chinese martial art practiced for both its combat training and its health benefits.

Practicing Tai chi should take the practitioner through a complete, natural range of motion over their centre of gravity.

The solo forms, empty-hand and weapon, are catalogues of movements that can be practiced individually, in pushing hands and martial application scenarios. Regular practice is said to: Improve circulation, promote flexibility of muscles and joints, build bone density, reduce stress, promote relaxation of the mind and body, improve balance and increase strength and endurance.

Tai chi chuan combat is the study of appropriate change and sensitivity in response to outside forces (your opponent), the study of yielding and "sticking" to an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force. Developing sensitivity through relaxation is key, so that power can be issued at the correct time.

Training in our Yang Tai Chi you will learn the 85 step solo form, Tai Chi jian straight sword forms, Tai Chi dao broad sword, 2 person paired form, short form designed by Master Lu Jun Hai, push hands, sensitivity drills, how to apply the techniques in combat.

We teach Tai Chi in Basildon and central London as part of Zhen Wei Academy for times and costs visit Zhen Wei Academy page

18.15 - 19.45
Ghyllgrove Infant School
The Gore
SS14 2BY

19.30 - 21.00
Ghyllgrove Infant School
The Gore
SS14 2BY

Lesson Pricing

Our aim is to provide high end tuition while keeping our classes affordable. We offer several payment options to suit. 

Each lesson is for 1 1/2 hours

Monthly (1 lesson per week)

Children - £30 (works out as £5 per hour)

Concessions - £35 (£5.83 per hour)

Adults - £40 (£6.66 per hour)

Monthly (2 lessons per week)

Children - £45 (£3.75 per hour)

Concessions - £55 (£4.58 per hour)

Adults - £65 (£5.41 per hour)

Monthly (3 or more lessons per week)

Children - £60 (£3.33 per hour)

Concessions - £75 (£4.16 per hour)

Adults - £90 (£5 per hour)

Drop in:

Children (5 -16)        £10
Adults (16 +)            £15


Second family member: £10 discount (only counts if the payment is from one person/parent, further discounts can be arranged for more family members)

SeminarsIf paying for 2 Lessons per week:  5% off (only if training 2 x per week for 4 months of the year and at the time of the seminar)

Seminars If paying for 3 lessons per week: 15% off (only if training 3 x per week for 4 months of the year and at the time of the seminar)
All monthly fees are for 48 weeks of the year, we have 2 weeks off over Christmas and new year and 2 weeks in the summer which are included in the fee. This way you pay slightly less each month (around £4) but pay for 12 months of the year.

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The benefits of Practicing Tai Chi

How can an ancient Chinese martial art be good for your health? And what and who can it benefit? In our Tai Chi Chuan we focus on correct structure and alignment, the actions are performed slowly and smoothly with absolute focus (this can take a lot of practice.) We work at relaxing the body and understanding when to use tension in the correct way, along with this the cross-lateral movements and improved breathing methods augment the mind/body connection, coaxing a sense of wellness and vitality.

According to the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi studies have suggested that Tai Chi can be beneficial to these conditions:
1.    Parkinson’s
2.    Back pain
3.    Osteoarthritis
4.    Rheumatoid arthritis
5.    Fibromyalgia
6.    Cardio vascular disease
7.    High blood pressure
8.    Stroke survivor’s
9.    Asthma
10.    Depression

1.    Tai Chi can improve balance and help prevent falls particularly in the elderly. The slow shifting of weight from one leg to another can improve leg, ankle and foot strength and with an emphasis on structural alignment and awareness involved in the moving with control has proven to improve balance.

2.    Tai Chi can increase bone density, particularly in the hips and lower spine. Tai Chi is a low impact weight baring exercise which is known to increase bone density.

3.    Tai Chi can help manage, resolve and prevent musculoskeletal pain and pain related symptoms. Tai chi has been known to improve pain through the correct use of alignment, releasing tension, calming awareness, gentle stretching and joint movements.

4.    Tai Chi can improve posture. With correct structure such as holding the spine erect above the hips, while moving, will improve posture.

5.    Tai Chi can improve breathing efficiency and improve aerobic capacity. The deep natural breathing performed in Tai Chi and Qigong (breath work) will help to improve breathing efficiency.

6.    Tai Chi can reduce stress and improve psychological wellbeing. The calming nature of the slow movements and directed focus in Tai Chi can become very meditative which has been shown to reduce stress.

7.    Tai Chi can improve concentration. Tai Chi Encourages midline crossing motions; (motor development on both sides of the body,) connecting both sides of the brain. This can be difficult to do but can have a beneficial impact on concentration levels.

8.    Tai Chi can reduce anxiety. There were “identified 11 studies (including five randomized controlled trials) that evaluated Tai Chi for stress. A meta-analysis of a subset of these studies showed significant improvements in stress management and psychological distress.” Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi studies.

9.    Tai Chi can improve sleep. The calming nature of Tai Chi has been known to improve a practitioner’s sleep.

10.     Tai Chi can reduce depression. “More than 20 studies identified in Dr. Wang’s review suggest that Tai Chi tends to reduce depression.” Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi studies.


For more information regarding Traditional Yang Tai Chi please call me today on 07746 324 822

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