Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice from India. Through the practice of physical postures, breath control and meditation the practitioner aims to promote a unity of mind and body. The physical postures can improve strength and flexibility but the real gains come through the inward focus and breath control which can raise consciousness and promote wellbeing.

We adapt and teach our Yoga to diverse groups and have organised classes for children and schools clubs and chair yoga for those with disabilities.

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Meditation is a practice that trains or calms the mind; there are many methods for practicing mediation both modern and ancient with different objectives, such as relaxation, energy cultivation, creative release, increased focus, love and compassion.

In meditation you can aim to be an observer without judgment for both your inner thoughts and the outside world or simply sit and be in the moment, again without judgment. You can use the practice to analyse your own thoughts or emotions to find hidden truths, use mantras or sounds, whatever the method that suits you the resulting clarity and sense of wellbeing can be life changing.

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The benefits of YOGA & Meditation

1.    Yoga is about integrating the body and mind; we make sure we move from one position to another with a complete sense of awareness. Overall Yoga can improve the mind/body connection, encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

2.    Yoga isn’t about forcing ourselves into tangled contortions, we are all different shapes, sizes and abilities and Yoga can teach us to become aware of how our body and mind feels. This way we can move through postures or poses with an awareness of our own circumstances.

3.    We tend to lose our flexibility as we age but yoga can prolong and increase the gift of movement, it will also assist neuromuscular-development and encourages midline crossing motions; (motor development on both sides of the body.) Strength and flexibility will be increased which will allow for fewer and less-severe injuries.

4.    Yoga can improve posture and alignment. When practicing Yoga keeping your awareness focussed on how the body and mind feels in each stage of the movement and moving towards correct alignment can give us a fantastic awareness of our body and eventually how to correct any problems. 
5.    Yoga can Increase balance, body awareness and coordination. Although in Yoga we don’t want to push ourselves beyond our limits (we have a tendency in the western world to get over exited and push beyond our limits, then suffer for days or even years after… no pain no gain!) we are aiming to increase our range of motion beyond that which we usually use, this will help prevent injuries and aches. We do this gently and with awareness so that our body can slowly adapt to our new ability to move.

6.    Yoga can improves digestion, circulation and elimination. The twisting and bending movements which involve the stomach and waist will stretch and massage our internal organs, invigorating them and improving their function.

7.    Yoga can strengthen the immune system. A calm mind and relaxed body can have a greatly affect ability to deal with illness. Along with this the loosening and strengthening of the body and internal organs makes Yoga a wonderful way to promote natural healing.

8.    Relax the body, promoting better sleep. Relaxation is a skill, it’s one we tend to lose as we age and it can be difficult to understand how to be truly relaxed (often we think we are when we aren’t.) If you have ever sat (or more appropriately lain) through a Yogic relaxation you will know how wonderfully relaxed you can get. Yoga will help you notice your tension and release it.

9.    If there is one thing we should learn to do well it should be breathing not only does it affect our whole system and how we feel but without it we would last only minutes. By focussing on our breathing we can alter it, and this has huge benefits. Deep breathing will calm the mind and nervous system increasing the body’s natural ability to heal, also oxygen will energise the cells giving you more energy. In yoga we can learn to become aware of our breathing and alter it to increase lung capacity, become calmer and more focussed.

10.    In yoga we can learn to meditate via our movements or formal sitting. It can be practiced in many different ways but at a basic level it just takes a little gentle focus. We could concentrate on our breathing, or use visualisations or be aware of our senses; there are plenty of methods both ancient and modern. Meditations have been used by top athletes and great thinkers, such as Albert Einstein, to improve performance, increase creativity or solve problems.

11.    Meditation and Yoga is great for calming and clearing the mind and bringing us into the present moment.

12.    Yoga is like a self massage and is great for relieving tension, stress and anxiety.

13.    We Increases concentration, focus and attention span when practicing Yoga with awareness.

14.    Meditation and Yoga engage the brain by promoting a gentle awareness and focus which promotes thinking and memory.

15.    Meditation and Yoga expands imagination and creativity, having the ability to gently clear the mind (monkey mind as it is known) and focus on a problem or a question you wish to answer has been used for decades to allow the mind to solve complex (or simple) issues. Solutions tend to appear when we are in a state of relaxation and aren’t focussed on the problem.

16.    Yoga and Meditation improves your ability to be less reactive; more mindful of thoughts, words and actions. This is a great reason to discover our ability to be aware of our body and mind and how they feel through the practice of Yoga postures and meditation.

17.    Overall Yoga can improve the mind/body connection, encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle and promotes an overall sense of well-being.
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